LM324QT Low power, low input bias current

The LM324QT consist of four independent, high gain operational amplifiers with frequency compensation implemented internally. They operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages.

Operation from split power supplies is also possible and the low-power supply current drain is independent of the magnitude of the power supply voltage.

  • Wide gain bandwidth: 1.3 MHz
  • Input common mode voltage range includes ground
  • Large voltage gain: 100 dB
  • Very low supply current/amplifier: 375 µA
  • Low input bias current: 20 nA
  • Low input voltage: 3 mV max.
  • Low input offset current: 2 nA
  • Wide power supply range:
    • Single supply: 3 V to 30 V
    • Dual supplies: ±1.5 V to ±15 V